Silicon Windows / Lenses



Surface Flatness:

AR/AR@3-5um, Ravg<2.0%

Diameter Tolerance:

Surface Quality:


Silicon and Germanium lens: for infrared measurement devices for non-contact temperature measurement, including stationary IR thermometers, and infrared cameras for point of Care Testing (POCT) devices.
Silicon Windows offers high thermal conductivity and low density, making it suitable for laser windows. However, since silicon has a strong absorption band at 9 µm, it is not suitable for use with CO2 laser transmission applications.
wdt_ID Attributes Value
1 Material Silicon
15 Dimension Range Diameter: 3~300mm
16 Tolerance +/-0.01mm or customize
17 Surface Quality 80/50~40/20 or customize
18 Surface Flatness N<1λ or customize
19 Clear Aperture >90%
20 Parallelism <10”
21 Chamfer Protective <0.5mm x 45°
37 Coating Uncoated
AR Coating
DLC coating
  • Dimension and shape can be customized, such as: Circular, Square, Triangle or others.
Within the range of 1.2-8um, Silicon is the most commonly used material for fabricating high infrared imaging system.
  • Thermal imager
  • Infrared temperature instrument
  • Long pass filter (for wavelengths greater than 2 µm)
  • Night sight
  • Laser mirror
  • Armament
  • Space satellite
  • High transmittance at 1.2-8 um
  • Light weight, low density, high hardness, suitable for weight sensitive applications / Knoop hardness: 1100 kg / mm2, density: 5.27 g / cm3
  • High refractive index (3.4 at 3-5um)

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