Zinc Sulfide (ZnS) Windows/Lenses

Zinc Sulfide (ZnS) Windows / Lenses



Surface Flatness:

AR/AR@8-12um, Ravg<2.0%

Diameter Tolerance:

Surface Quality:

<1 arc Min

Zinc Sulfide Multispectral Windows are manufactured from a water-free, multi-spectral grade of zinc sulfide that has low absorption and scatter properties over its broad transmission range of 0.4 – 12μm. Zinc Sulfide Multispectral is a chemically vapor deposited material which is commonly used in thermal imaging, With its excellent transmission properties in the visible and infrared, Zinc Sulfide Multispectral is the material of choice for systems that have both visible and mid-wave or long-wave infrared sensors. It is slightly harder and more chemically resistant than zinc selenide.

wdt_ID Attributes Value
1 Material ZnS
15 Diameter Tolerance +0.0,-0.1mm
17 Thickness +/-0.2mm
18 Surface Quality 60/40~40/20
19 Surface Flatness N<1λ
20 Parallelism <1 arc Min
21 Coating Uncoated,
AR/AR@8-12um, Ravg<2.0%

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