Calcium fluoride (CaF₂) Windows/Lenses

Calcium fluoride (CaF₂) Windows/Lenses

UV Grade CaF₂, IR grade CaF₂


Surface Flatness:


Diameter Tolerance:

Surface Quality:


Calcium fluoride (CaF₂) Windows provide high transmission from the ultraviolet (180 nm) to the infrared (8 μm).Calcium fluoride has a low absorption coefficient and high damage threshold, making these windows a good choice for use with free-space lasers. Optical calcium fluoride offers low dispersion (with an Abbe Number of 95) and low fluorescence, as well as excellent water, chemical, and heat resistance. In dry environments, CaF2 can be used up to 1000 °C, but in the presence of moisture, degradation will occur for temperatures exceeding 600 °C. Each window has a randomly oriented crystal axis.

wdt_ID Attributes Value
1 Material UV Grade CaF₂
IR grade CaF₂
17 Diameter Tolerance +0.0,-0.1mm
18 Thickness +/-0.2mm
19 Surface Quality 60/40~20/10
20 Surface Flatness N<λ/8
21 Parallelism <10 arc Sec
22 Coating Uncoated

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