Roof Prism


Surface Flatness:


Dimension Tolerance:

Surface Quality:

Clear Aperture:

Single Layer MgF₂,
AR, HR, Metal coating

Beam Deviation:
±3”, 5”, 15”

Special Shape and Customized Prisms Series

Roof prisms or Amici prisms, or right angle roof prisms, revert and invert the image as well as bend the line of sight through a 90°angle. Ideal for use in spotting scopes, and any optical instrument where it is desirable to take an inverted image from an objective, turn it right side up, and bend it through a 90° angle in order to maintain the correct visual orientation. With linearly polarized incident light, the light exiting an uncoated Amici prism is a mix of two elliptical polarizations which causes a reduction in contrast and resolution in some applications. The silver coated Amici roof prisms eliminate these issues.
wdt_ID Attributes Value
95 Material N-BK7
96 Dimension Tolerance ±0.15mm
97 Surface Quality 60/40
98 Beam Deviation ±3'', 5'', 15''
99 Surface Flatness λ/2~λ/10@633nm
100 Clear Aperture >80%
101 Chips <0.2mm
102 Coating Uncoated, Single Layer MgF₂,
AR, HR, Metal coating

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