Capillary Arrays

Capillary Array

Pore size In round or square:
4µm /5µm /50µm /70µm /100µm
or on request

Apply coating inside the pores
on the wall available

Thermal Expansion:

Temperature resistance:

Glass type:
Borosilicate glass

Circular, Square, Rectangles
and custom cross sections

Overall dimension:
Max. 100mmx100mm
(square or circular ) 

Overall Thickness:

  • Fully customizable of parameters
  • Hollow diameters ranging from 4μm to 100μm
Capillaries plate arrays consist of millions of precision capillary hollows together in a glass substrate, it equivalent to there are millions of individual channels/holes in the glass substrate.
Shape of channels/holes can be made into different shape-round or square or hexagon

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