Fiber Optic Taper Bonded Array

Fiber Pitch:

2×3/3×3/3×4 or on request

Seam width between the fiber tapers:

25~125 lp/mm

Numerical Aperture (Small End):

Magnification Ratio:
1:2 / 1:3 / 1:4 or customized 

Gross distortion:
≤2% (effective area)

A taper array utilizes several tapers assembled together, each coupled to a CCD/CMOS/OLED/LCD to produce a large-area image. The tapers are machined square or rectangular, then epoxied together to form the array.
It is be combined by 2×3 or more tapers. Array Fiber Optic Taper is applied to enlarge the display screen (OLED/LCD) and bonded to CCD/CMOS.

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