Fiber Light Cone For Rigid Endoscope

Fiber Light Cone (tapered fiber conduit)
Fiber Light Cone are applied in the rigid endoscope for coupling light from
light guide cable into the endoscope..
Type of fiber light cone:
Multi fiber cone
Cladding fiber cone
Fiber conduit
Treatment of fiber cone: fused
Temperature resistance: 350℃

The light cones usually are used in endoscopy system to concentrate and transmit light from the fiber optic light guide to the illumination fibers running between the inner and outer shaft tubes.

Model No. Type Light Cone Housing   Cone Diameter(Large End) Cone Diameter(Small End)
LC4515 Cladding fiber cone /
Multi-fiber cone /
Fiber rod conduit
Dia.5.5(-0.1) x 13(+0.1)mm 4.5mm 1.5mm
LC4518 4.5mm 1.8mm
LC4520 4.5mm 2.0mm
LC4525 4.5mm 2.5mm
LC4535 4.5mm 3.5mm

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