Nd:YVO Crystals

Nd:YVO4 (Neodymium doped yttrium vanadate) Crystal is a kind of crystal with excellent performance, which is suitable for manufacturing laser diode pumping, especially for low and medium power lasers. Now lasers have been widely used in many fields such as Machinery, Material Processing, Spectroscopy, Crystals inspection, Display, Medical Inspection, Laser Printing, Data Storage and so on.

Key Wavelength: 914nm / 1064nm / 1342nm

  • As high as about five times larger absorption efficient over a wide pumping bandwidth around 808nm.
  • As large as three times larger stimulated emission cross-section at the leasing wavelength of 1064nm.
  • Lower lasing threshold and higher slope efficiency
  • As a uniaxial crystal with a large birefringence, the emission is a linearly polarized.
  • Due to the wider pumping bandwidth of Nd:YVO4, its laser performance can better adapt to the temperature change of LD.
  • Due to the large cross-section of absorption, the attraction coefficient is large, and due to the small thermal conductivity, Nd:YAG is suitable for the thin-scale pumping of medium and low power lasers.
wdt_ID Attributes Values
1 Dopant 0.1% ~ 3%
2 Orientation A-CUT +/-0.5°
3 Size&Tolerance W(+/-0.1)*H(+/-0.1)*L(+0.5/-0.1)mm
5 Surface quality better than 10/5(MIL-PRF-13830B)
6 Perpendicularity ≤5′
7 Parallelism ≤10″
8 Bevel <0.2mmx45°
9 Flatness λ/10@633nm
10 Chips <0.1mm
11 Coating AR@1064(R<0.2%)
12 Damage Threshold 1GW/cm² 10ns 10Hz at 1064nm
wdt_ID Attributes Values
1 Crystal Structure Tetragonal System
2 Space Group I41/amd 
3 Lattice Constants a=b=0.71183nm, c=0.62932nm
5 Melting Temperature 1825℃
6 Density 4.22g/cm³
7 Thermal Conductivity <100>(a): 0.0510 W/cmK
<001>(c): 0.0523 W/cmK
13 Thermal Expansion@25℃ αₐ=4.43 ×10⁻⁶/K αᴄ=11.37 ×10⁻⁶/K
14 Mohs hardness 4-5
15 Index of Refraction no=1.958, ne=2.168
16 Thermal Optical Coefficient dna/dT=  8.5×⁻⁶/K
dnc/dT=  3.0×10⁻⁶/K
17 lasing wavelength 1064nm, 1342nm, 914nm
18 Pump Wavelength 808nm
19 Emission Cross section @1064nm 25 ×10⁻¹⁹cm²
20 absorption cross section @ 808nm 2.7×10⁻¹⁹cm² (1 at% Nd³⁺)
21 absorption coefficient@808nm 30.6/cm( E // C)
11.4/cm (E⊥C)
22 Intrinsic loss: 0.02cm⁻¹@1064nm
23 Gain bandwidth: 0.96nm@1064nm
24 Polarization E//C (parallel to C axis, π polarization)
25 Fluorescent lifetime 90 μs (1% Nd doping)
27 Sellmeier Equation no²=3.77834+0.069736/(λ2-0.04724)-0.010813λ2
wdt_ID SKU Dimension, mm Doping Cut Angle Coating
1 Nd:YVO4-331271 3x3x1 2% A-CUT S1:HR@1064&532&HT@808nm S2:AR@1064&532nm
2 Nd:YVO4-332172 3x3x2 1% A-CUT S1:HR@1064&532&HT@808nm S2:AR@1064&532nm
3 Nd:YVO4-333172 3x3x3 1% A-CUT S1:HR@1064&532&HT@808nm S2:AR@1064&532nm
4 Nd:YVO4-3330772 3x3x3 0.70% A-CUT S1:HR@1064&532&HT@808nm S2:AR@1064&532nm
5 Nd:YVO4-3330752 3x3x3 0.70% A-CUT S1:AR@1064&532&808nm S2:AR@1064&532nm
6 Nd:YVO4-3350772 3x3x5 0.70% A-CUT S1:HR@1064&532&HT@808nm S2:AR@1064&532nm
7 Nd:YVO4-3350541 3x3x5 0.50% A-CUT S1:HR@1064&808nm S2:AR@1064nm
8 Nd:YVO4-33100531 3x3x10 0.50% A-CUT S1:AR@1064&808nm S2:AR@1064nm
9 Nd:YVO4-33100331 3x3x10 0.30% A-CUT S1:AR@1064&808nm S2:AR@1064nm
10 Nd:YVO4-33120331 3x3x12 0.30% A-CUT S1:AR@1064&808nm S2:AR@1064nm

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