Dual Wavelength Dielectric coated mirrors

Dual Wavelength Dielectric Coated Mirrors

N-BK7, Borofloat,
Fused Silica

Surface Flatness:

Surface Quality:


HR@1064&532nm(R>99.0%), 45°AOI

wdt_ID Attributes Values
1 Material N-BK7, Borofloat, Fused Silica
18 Surface quality 60/40~10/5
21 Flatness λ/4~λ/10@633nm
25 Parallelism ≤3'
54 Bevel <0.2mmx45°
57 CA ≥80%
58 Chips <0.2mm
59 Coating HR@1064&532nm(R>99.0%), 45°AOI
Dual Wavelength Dielectric coated mirrors is an optical mirror made of thin layers of dielectric coating layers deposited on an optical substrate. We offer dielectric laser mirrors for laser lines, for narrowband or broadband wavelength ranges covering spectrum from UV to IR. Wide selection of round, rectangular, elliptical or custom shape mirrors with flat, spherical concave or convex and cylindrical surfaces are available ex-stock. We also make coatings design for mirrors under custom requests for your particular applications.
HR@1064 & 532nm (R>99.0%), 45°AOI

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