Anti-halation Cathode Glass Windows

Capillary Array

Pore size In round or square:
4mm /5mm /50mm /70mm
/100mm or on request

Apply coating inside the pores
on the wall available

Thermal Expansion:

Temperature resistance:

Glass type:
Borosilicate glass

Circular, Square, Rectangles
and custom cross sections

Overall dimension:
Max. 100mmx100mm
(square or circular)

Overall Thickness:

Anti-halation cathode glass window (AVG) is a type of special and key material used in the super G II and G Ill night vision devices, which has characteristic of high transmission for UV to visible light, and high-absorption layer. This layer prepared by a special process has a very strong absorption to stray light. Photoelectric glass can eliminate flare and improve clarity of night vision devices.
Military/ Public security and armed police / Medicine and Health, Industrial Production, Scientific research
  • High-sensitivity and longevity Photoelectric Glass
  • Effective aperture ranging from φ 12μm to φ 25μm

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