Diffusion Bonded Crystals DBC

Diffusion Bonded Crystals (DBC)

Type of diffusion bonding crystals:
Nd:YAG + Cr⁴⁺:YAG
Cr:YAG + Nd:Ce:YAG

< λ/10 @633nm


Surface Quality:

Clear Aperture:
Central 95%

AR coating
HR coating

Diffusion Bonded Crystals (DBC) are crystals consisting of two, three or more parts with different doping levels or different doping, usually one laser crystal and one or two undoped crystals combined by optical contact and further bonded under high temperature.
  • Reduces thermal lens effect of laser crystals
  • Provides integral components to make compact lasers
  • Improve the laser performance and beam quality
  • Conductive to the intergration of laser systems and access to large-size crystals

wdt_ID Attributes Values
1 Type of diffusion bonding crystals YAG + Nd:YAG + YAG
YAG + Cr⁴⁺:YAG
Nd:YAG + Cr⁴⁺:YAG
Cr:YAG + Nd:Ce:YAG
2 Dimension tolerance Diameter: +/-0.1mm 
Length: +/-0.5mm
11 Wavefront Distortion <λ/8 at 633nm per inch
12 Surface Quality 20/10
13 Parallelism ≤10 arc seconds
14 Perpendicularity ≤5 arc minutes
15 Flatness < λ/10 @633nm
16 Clear Aperture Central 95%
17 Chamfer 0.15X5°
18 Coating AR coating
HR coating