Fiber Optic Taper

Fiber Optic Taper - 1

Fiber Optic Taper is a coherent fiber optic plate that transmits either a magnified or reduced image from its input surface to its output surface. Typical applications include image magnification or reduction, CCD coupling, fluoroscopy, and light sensors.

Fiber Optic Faceplate


The FOP is an optical device comprised of a bundle of micron-sized optical fibers. The FOP is used as a lens to convey the light and image with high efficiency and low distortion. Unlike a normal optical lens, no focusing distance is required so the FOP is ideal when designing and building compact optical devices.

Fiber Optic Inverter

Fiber Optic Inverter

Fiber Optic Inverter can be used in the image inversion system. It made the input image inversion 180 in output surface, it is mainly instead of the optic-lens system in the low-light level night vision instrument.

Fiber Optic Light Cable

Medical Fiber Light Guide

Both in-coupling and out-coupling ferrules of the Universal Light Guide bear metric threads to accept commercially available adapters, allowing versatile use of the light sources for different endoscopes. The silicone sheathed light guide with its rugged metal spiral core ensures high mechanical stability and reprocessing allowing long lifetimes in the medical environment.